For users of growing overseas stock markets,


STING is a blockchain-based overseas stock trading protocol that aims to create a conceptual overseas stock trading platform that can solve problems when users trade stocks in overseas stock trading markets using blockchain and create innovative and new values.

STING Trading

It is a service that allows you to search for arbitrage agreement (CFDs) information and buy and sell FX futures/options, and provides an environment such as Mobile Trading System (MTS) where you can easily buy and sell arbitrage agreement (CFDs) products anywhere.


A rewarding service with STING Coin (STN) that compensates users for up to 70% of transaction fees for stock trading.

STING Staking

A staking service that allows users to receive various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) according to the holding amount of STING Coin (STN)

STING Trading

The STING Trading is a Mobile Trading System (MTS) system for easy trading of overseas stocks and futures/options anytime, anywhere. Trading bots also have made it possible to trade foreign stocks and execute trades based on pre-set parameters. Additionally, trading bots are now widely used for cryptocurrency trading. Bitcode Method, for instance, claims to have generated considerable earnings according to Bitcode Method erfahrungen 2023. But It's important to conduct a thorough research and exercise caution when using any trading tool.

  • STING membership system
  • STING overseas futures/options process
  • Major overseas futures/option exchanges


The overseas stock trading ecosystem that STING will implement is a win-win economic system that shares profits to participants in overseas stock sales who contributed to the growth and development of the STING Ecosystem.

  • STING will implement is a win-win economic system
  • Up to 70% STN Coin Rewarding
  • Benefits of STN Coin Retention

STING Staking

STING Staking is a staking service that provides various cryptocurrencies to STING Coin (STN) holders.

  • STN Coin Retention
  • STN Coin Maintenance Confirmation
  • Various cryptocurrency payments

Why Choose Us?

Blockchain-Based Smart Contract

The transaction of STING Platform is made with a blockchain-based contract, so the contract is implemented in code and the contract is fulfilled when certain conditions are met. This provides more secure and reliable services.

Highly Scalable And Transparent

STING secures high scalability and transparency by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain network, which is widely used with excellent stability and well-built infrastructure.

Reduction In Fees Due To Retention

The fee is set differently according to STING COIN (STN) reserves, and the more coins you have, you can trade at fewer fees. It is also stored transparently in the blockchain of STING through smart contracts.

Additional Benefits Such As Additional Rewards

The STING Platform supports various additional benefits such as a service that rewards up to 70% of overseas stock transaction fees and the payment of other cryptocurrencies to STING COIN (STN) holders.

Mobile Trading System

The STING Trading offers a Mobile Trading System (MTS) system that enables easy, real-time trading of overseas stocks and futures/options anytime, anywhere. This intuitive platform ensures that buying stocks becomes a seamless and efficient, enabling you to make informed decisions. You can visit to learn more about buying stocks online.

Membership System

The STING Platform sets membership levels in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, based on the total transaction volume, STING Coin holdings, and supports fee benefits accordingly.

Token Information





Symbol issuance volume

50,000,000 STN

Technology base




Smart Contract Address


team members

Bae, Geun Woo


Good Morning Beauty C.E.O

Newrun C.E.O

Martin Jeong


G&J; C.E.O

Choi, Won Seok


C&Win; C.E.O

Song, Joo Han


Team Advisor

Abhishek Banerjee


Asif Iqbal


Guz Fahlev


Brian Baulch


Campaign Plan

Sting generates revenue by charging 1~2% commission according to your sales order. In part of this revenue, the company and the user want to participate in the campaign to support fasting children.

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