Precautions for Digital Asset Transactions
1. Digital assets are not legal money.

All digital assets that can be traded in STING are not legal money and are not guaranteed value by a particular entity.

No one guarantees its value, and depending on the circumstances, the transaction can be rejected by the other party at any time, so the actual value can be valued at zero at any time.

2. Digital assets fluctuate in real time.

It is traded around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days, and can be exposed to rapid changes in market prices due to speculative demand and changes in the domestic and international regulatory environment.

3. Please avoid excessive investment and make careful investments.

With the possibility of losses caused by changes in value, digital asset investment judgments are attributable to the investor himself, and gains and losses from digital asset investments are attributable to him, so please avoid excessive investment and invest carefully.

Voice phishing and financial fraud alert guidance
1. No illegal foreign transactions or arbitrage transactions
  1. No illegal foreign exchange or arbitrage for fraudulent purposes, including money laundering.
2. Monitor abnormal transaction detection accounts at all the time.
  1. Under the Specific Financial Transaction Reporting and Utilization Act and the Financial Supervisory Authority's Anti-Virtual Currency Money Laundering Guidelines, the following measures can be taken upon reasonable suspicion or detection:
  2. o Suspension of digital asset withdrawals

    o Temporary or permanent suspension of the account;

    o Verification procedures for contrasting financial institution damage report information;

    o Request for investigation to financial regulators and investigative agencies;

  3. We would like to inform you that withdrawal and screening enhancements may be implemented for fraud detection accounts to secure the assets and accounts of subscribed members.
  4. Therefore, you can request evidence documents or go through a wire verification process for withdrawal screening, and in some cases, it may take some time to confirm that it is a normal transaction and withdrawal.
3. Unable to steal personal information or lend an account
  1. If you steal other people's information or directly or indirectly engage in financial fraud through personal information or account lending, you can be punished by up to 10 years in prison, fines of up to 20 million won, or fines of up to 20 million won. In addition, a person who borrows personal information shall be liable for joint reimbursement and user compensation under the Commercial and Civil Acts.
STING (STN) Nature and Transaction Notice

STING(STN) coins issued by the STING Foundation are exchanged and distributed with other digital assets, such as Ethereum (ETH), and cannot be purchased in legal currency such as KRW or USD. In addition, the company does not act on behalf of any purchase or sale of STN coins.

The company does not guarantee the value of the STING(STN) coin, and the company shall not bear any compensation, compensation, or other responsibility for any loss, loss, debt, or other damage to the member who owns or trades the STING(STN) coin.